Spring has sprung..despite the snowflakes!

Flowers in the snow

Calling all buyers who are actively looking to buy that home!  The time is now to hone in on that list of “wants vs needs” so that you can accomplish the goal.  You’ve heard the hype about interest rates rising but that is only part of the equation.  The inventory is at a low point with SPRING being the time when most sellers decide to put their home on the market and when the inventory surges.  So, fine tune your list and get ready to act.  There are a few things to consider:

The average home buyer looks at an average of 10 homes before they decide on the one they want to pursue and many times, they do not get the first home they try to purchase.  So, the key here is to be diligent and persevere to reach YOUR goal.  You might be disappointed and frustrated at times, but do not despair…your REALTOR  (ME!) will help you make your best, competitive offer.  The offer you make will be based on data analysis of comparable properties and will also take into account the terms of your offer.  Many times the highest offer is not necessarily the best offer and the terms are more important to getting your offer accepted.  A strong lender letter is essential utilizing the appropriate loan for the house your are purchasing.  This sounds pretty simple, but some homes will not meet requirements of some loan programs.  For example, you might be attracted by the bank foreclosure that needs work but your FHA loan will not allow for unfinished drywall or chipped or peeling paint.  Banks (Sellers) of the bank foreclosed homes, do not make  repairs so your offer for the bank foreclosed home will most likely need to be a with a conventional loan or a rehab loan program for your financing.  And, some homes need to be in rural areas to qualify for USDA financing.  It sounds great on paper but sometimes hard to find the right home for you.  If you diligently keep working to save your down payment, your options will be greater.

Never lose sight of your goal and keep pursuing your dream to own a home.  I will guide you every step of the way so that you are successful in finding that home.  There is such a feeling of pride when you are able to come home from work and turn the key to YOUR home!  Your quality of life increases, your children’s performance in school increases and your commitment to community increases ….all by owning a home!