5 Steps To Getting Your Home Ready To Market!

1. DE-CLUTTER! Take inventory of each room and pack away those things that are not essential to daily living. Remove notes/pictures/magnets from the frig. Make those counter tops clean and spacious. Remove personal photos from walls, tables, etc. and repair holes or repaint where needed.

2. CLEAN EVERYTHING! Open the cabinets and organize the shelves. Refold towels so that the linen closet is neat and tidy. See #1. Get rid of things that you don’t use and organize the closets. Pack away things that are not essential….make those closets neat and tidy too! Organize the basement area and garage. Today’s Buyers want space and convenience with rooms that are move in ready and inviting. Brighten up the space with clean windows too. Let the sun shine in!

3. FIX IT! If you have something that you know is not working properly, fit it now. You’ll need to sooner or later anyway after the home inspection, so you might as well do it now. Besides, a well maintained home will reap top dollar!

4. FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE LASTING IMPRESSIONS! Mom was right! Go ahead and add the flowers to the front porch or front flower bed. Make sure the door looks attractive and clean, with fresh paint if needed and take a good look at the house from the street. Does it look attractive? Would YOU call about it and want to see inside? Remove any toys from the front yard and make the yard attractive to those “drive-bys.” Folks will drive by before they call so make YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION, LASTING!”

5. CONTACT ME! During our pre-marketing consultation we will go over the best marketing plan for your home. I have the knowledge and experience needed for helping you to achieve your goal.

Author: Nancy S. Allen

Nancy Allen is a licensed Realtor in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia serving the area surrounding Hagerstown, Maryland including Washington County (MD), Frederick County (MD), Berkley County (WV) and Franklin County (PA). Nancy has been a licensed real estate agent for over 25 years and has served as the President of the PenMar Association of Realtors. She is the team lead for The Nancy Allen Team.

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